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Load and program in memory and delete the exe

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I've got a question that is "special"... Is there a way to create a script that loads itself in memory and that delete the exe that is on the disk?

The purpose : the exe must run only one time and never stay on the disk after...

NB : a way could be to use 2 programs. The fisrt could load the second and delete it after but the first stays on the disk... and it s not a good solution for me.

I'm french so sorry for my bad english.

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Well Sorry for not Helping ............

By the Way Not Having the Knowledge............. :)

Advice: Ask a Moderator to Shift your Topic to the GENERAL HELP AND SUPPORT FORUM or create a New 1..............

U will get better help there............ ;)

Its Really a Good Question ...............

BTW I would also like to get the Solution......

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;) This person wrote something interesting:

Now, perhaps someone could please move this thread...


:bye: Hey there, was I helpful?


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You have to do some serious hacking, hacking so advanced that not even the top ten greatest minds in cyber space have been able hit ground on this digital landmark yet, I have heard that they have monthly virtual gatherings where they discuss this very topic, "the remarkable vanishing exe theorem" as some call it. Although the claim is inconclusive, source undisclosed and their reputability is questionable.

Anyway, read about it here...

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