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Don't know if there is a func like this

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I'm not sure if there is a function that's already doing this. It is similar to WinGetHandle's approach.

I executed a vb program that will enumerate window properties such as handle, title and classnames of all window that exists.

Here is my situation. I have windows that have the same classnames, but they don't show up at the same time. I was hoping that if there was a function wherein we can specify the classnameNN and it would spit out the title.

$WindowTitle = WinGetTitlebyClassNameNN("classname=somewin002")
Msgbox(0, "", "Title found is " & $WindowTitle)

With that, I can do this

While 1
    $WindowTitle = WinGetTitlebyClassNameNN("classname=somewin002")

    if $WindowTitle = "WARNING - ODBC issues" Then
         ;some codes here
    if $WindowTitle = "WARNING - SQL down" Then
         ;some codes here
    if $WindowTitle = "WARNING - Logspace full" Then
         ;some codes here


This is really good for some windows that dynamically updates the title.

Thanks guys,


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