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Rotate mouse movement by 90 degrees

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G'day everyone

Do you think it would be possible in AutoIt to rotate the mouse's movement by 90 degrees? In other words, when the user moves the mouse up/down, the mouse pointer moves left/right, and vice versa.



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Just incase no one comes up with any other much better ideas ^^ heres some terrible code that happens to do the job ;)

local $Store = mousegetpos()
local $Temp, $Temp1

while 1
   $pos = mousegetpos()
    $Temp = $pos[0] - $Store[0]
$Temp1 = $pos[1] - $Store[1]

  If $pos[1] < $Store[1] Then ;Up = Right
mousemove($pos[0]-$Temp1 , $pos[1]-$Temp1,0)
   elseIf $pos[1] > $Store[1] Then ;Down = Left
   mousemove($pos[0]-$Temp1 , $pos[1]-$Temp1,0)
  elseIf $pos[0] > $Store[0] Then ;Right = Down
 mousemove($pos[0]-$Temp , $pos[1]+$Temp,0)
  elseif $pos[0] < $Store[0] Then ;Left = Up
 mousemove($pos[0]-$Temp , $pos[1]+$Temp,0)
   $Store = mousegetpos() 

Seams the idea didn't work, so i thought i would post the fail incase a. someone can get it to work b. save times for others who had the same bad idea ^^

Each If on their own does work, Making Up > Right, Right >Down, Down > Left and Left > Up problem is when you put them all together you get conflicts ^^

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It would be handy for me.

I use a biggish 16:10 for working in photoshop. It's mechanically easy to rotate from landscape to portrait, but my graphics card software is rather obtuse, and so i rarely make the switch.

In this case, text wouldn't matter, as not used [apart from keyboard shortcuts in PS, which wouldn't be affected] but mouse/tablet cursor movement would.

If no one here comes up with a good solution, I might make this a project...


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