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Sorting Array using MAIN and Secondary index

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This is my small contribution.

This code will first generate a 2 column array, and random some values. It will then sort the array using the 2nd column, and then sort some more using the 1st column. I have searched a lot and didnt found anything so i build mine!

TO DO: Use UBOUND(ARRAY) to find the array size

#include <array.au3>
;create Sample Array
Local $Array[100][3]
$Array[0][0] = "index"
For $i = 1 To 99
$Array[$i][1] = Int(Random() * 5) * 10
$Array[$i][2] = Int(Random() * 5) * 10
$Array[30][1] = 33
$Array[30][2] = 33
$Array[40][2] = 22
$Array[40][1] = 22
$Main_Index = 2
$Secondary_Index = 1
_ArraySort($Array, 0, 0, 0, $Main_Index)
$start = 1
$i = $start
If $Array[$i][$Main_Index] = $Array[$i + 1][$Main_Index] Then
   $i += 1
  Until $i = 99 Or $Array[$i][$Main_Index] <> $Array[$i + 1][$Main_Index]
  _ArraySort($Array, 1, $start, $i, $Secondary_Index);small sort secondary index
$start = $i + 1
Until $start >= 98 ;Array size -1

Hope it helps

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