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Some beginner questions (arrays, basic function)

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1. Lets say you want to invoke an AutiIT function but none of the parameters are required. However, you want to use the third optional parameter. What do you pass into the first two parameters to say that you want to keep the default for them?

2. Why would you use the AutiIt function Call instead of invoking a function directly?

3. How do you blow up each element of an array by a certain constant, without having to resort to a loop and explicitly (and tediously) adding it to each element. E.g., I want to do this:

Const $q = 45

Global $xbuttomLeft[4] = [$q+2, $q+567, $q+353, $q+1029]

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For your first question, check out the Help file under Function Notes.

I just saw a discusson on your second question a couple of days ago, trying to dig up the link now.

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2. Why would you use the AutoIt function Call instead of invoking a function directly?

You could use this in the case where you are calling the function by it's named stored in a variable, or if you had several functions with the same name starting it, such as _Function 1(), _Function2(), you'd call them this way

For $i = 1 to 2
    Call("_Function" & $i)
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3) create a UDF, so you can re-call it...that way, you don't have to do the loop each time, the script will

#include <Array.au3>
$q = 45
Dim $xbuttomLeft[4] = [2, 567, 353, 1029]
_ArrayDisplay ($xbuttomLeft)
$returnedarray = Call ( "AddToArray", $xbuttomLeft, $q )
_ArrayDisplay ($returnedarray)
Func AddToArray ($array, $integer)
If Not IsArray ( $array ) Or Not StringIsInt( $integer ) Then Return False
For $i = 0 to UBound ( $array ) - 1
  $array[$i] = $array[$i] + $integer
Return $array
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