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Defining the Start Point for Clicking

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I was wondering if it is possible to define the Start Point from which the Pixels get counted... The Problem is i got 2 Screens and want to execute the Script on the Second Screen with its native Resolution... so i thought maybe there is a function where i can set the 0 Point to the right side and dont have to change EVERY cord ( which are quite some ). Thx in Advance ( and i know an offset might have done the Prob for me ! ).

greetz Max

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I'm running a Vm on my second monitor and want to use some old scripts in it but ran from the main system. And so i had the problem with the cords which get deduced from the main resolution... thats why i thought i might be able to set a new 0 point and thus get around writing the stuff anew. Lookin in the autoit help now thx in advance ;)


edit: I know my Desktop Reolutions pretty well... dosent help me to set them for Autoit... I rly dont want to change the running scripts so the question stands if i just can tell autoit i shall use the second monitor and ignore the first one ? Or start counting from the second one thus making the old x/y 1920/0 to a 0/0 for the future reference ( such as mouseclick ect ).

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If you're using macros and need to change the value then you can always save it in a variable and reuse or reset the variable.

Dim $iStartPoint = @DesktopWidth ; You may be able to use this as your starting point.
Dim $iAdjust = 10
MsgBox(0, "Desktop Width", $iStartPoint)
$iStartPoint += $iAdjust
MsgBox(0, "Starting Point Adjusted", $iStartPoint)



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