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Send WinHTTP Request but don't wait for response?

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So technically, to send a WinHTTP request, you have..:

$h_openRequest = _WinHttpOpenRequest($hw_connect, "GET", "/" , "HTTP/1.1", "")

$data = ''
$data &= _WinHttpReadData($h_openRequest)
Until @error

Typically, some responses may take a few seconds to load, and thus slows your script. Is there a way to send the request but not wait for the load? In other words, instead leave it to load on its own and move on with the script? Thanks!


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This is one way to do it:

ConsoleWrite("Script started" & @LF)
AdlibRegister("foo") ; register the adlib function, this does not hold up the script
ConsoleWrite("Script continues while the function is busy" & @LF)
Sleep(4000) ; keep the script from terminating for a while
ConsoleWrite("Script ended" & @LF)

Func foo()
    AdlibUnRegister("foo") ; unregister the function to avoid it being called again
    ; winhttp etc. here...
    Sleep(1000) ; simulate waiting for a response
    ConsoleWrite("I did not hold up the script :)" & @LF)
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