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I've been working on a timer gui for about four months now. I'm actually finished with it and have a fix for the issue I'm going to bring up, but I'd like to know if anyone else has happened across this.

I've been naming my application "ReadAid.exe" for the past many months. All the builds went just fine and produced GUIs that I've come to expect.

Just recently, if the final name is compiled as, or is renamed as, "ReadAid.exe" (the name I've used for the past many months) I get this strange extra window when I run the executable and the first GUI starts. If I run "StudyAid.au3" with any name it runs just fine. If I rename the executable anything but "ReadAid" then the first GUI starts just fine, otherwise I get this weird extra window.

Here's the extra window, as you can see the icon for my app shows up.

Posted Image

There is no other content in the window. I included the folder so you could get an idea of size.

If I close the extra window it closes the whole app. I deleted all of the executables and shortcuts in my computer that have the name "StudyAid.exe". I copied the text of the script and pasted it into a new Scite file. I think the problem might be in some residual code left somewhere, or maybe something left over in the compile program.

The script itself is really long, and not terribly pretty, and not really relevant (as far as I can see) to the problem.

No big deal if no one knows what it is, because I decided to rename my application ReadAid2.exe which completely solves the problem.

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The script itself is really long, and not terribly pretty, and not really relevant (as far as I can see) to the problem.

I'd guess that your code is entirely relevant, as were such a bug to exist, it would have been uncovered long ago.

Are you somewhere in your code testing for the existance of a process or window or file named ReadAid and then performing actions depending upon the result?

Edit: If you have "ReadAid" hardcoded anywhere in your program, I'd start by looking into that.

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Thanks for the response Spiff59.

I reduced my script down to the most basic component, one piece at a time, until I got to this:


$GUIMain = GUICreate("StudyAid", 135, 100)

MsgBox(0, "", "Exit")

And when compiled it still showed that extra window.

Then I uninstalled and reinstalled both the latest AutoIt3 and Scite, and renamed the folder remaining after uninstall, on the off chance it's something sitting a folder somewhere..

I still get that extra window when I compiled the most basic version shown above.

Note: I did stop a build process (using XP Task Manager) that was taking a very long time to complete sometime prior to this extra window appearing. My best guess at this point is that ending those processes left some residue somewhere. Not the brightest thing to do, now I see in retrospect, but it was taking 10 minutes and I'd never seen any of my scripts take that long to build (using tidy and obfuscator).

Oh, and just so we know, the compiled StudyAid works just find on any other computer I run it on.

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All I get when I run that code is a blank window named StudyAid, and a message box dialog.

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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