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Gui Background Transparant Not Work ,,...????

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#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>

Local $BS_ICON
$Main_Gui = GUICreate("", 600, 400, -1, -1, $WS_POPUP, $WS_EX_TOPMOST)
$exit = GUICtrlCreatePic('grey.gif', 13, 5, 64, 64)
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0xFFFFFF)
$button2 = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Save", 100,100,80,80,$BS_ICON)
GUICtrlSetImage (-1, "shell32.dll",7)

While 1
$nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
Switch $nMsg
Case $exit

Func GUISetControlsVisible($hWnd)
Local $aM_Mask, $aCtrlPos, $aMask

$aM_Mask = DllCall("gdi32.dll", "long", "CreateRectRgn", "long", 0, "long", 0, "long", 0, "long", 0)
$aLastID = DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "GetDlgCtrlID", "hwnd", GUICtrlGetHandle(-1))

For $i = 3 To $aLastID[0]
$aCtrlPos = ControlGetPos($hWnd, '', $i)
If Not IsArray($aCtrlPos) Then ContinueLoop

$aMask = DllCall("gdi32.dll", "long", "CreateRectRgn", _
"long", $aCtrlPos[0], _
"long", $aCtrlPos[1], _
"long", $aCtrlPos[0] + $aCtrlPos[2], _
"long", $aCtrlPos[1] + $aCtrlPos[3])
DllCall("gdi32.dll", "long", "CombineRgn", "long", $aM_Mask[0], "long", $aMask[0], "long", $aM_Mask[0], "int", 2)
DllCall("user32.dll", "long", "SetWindowRgn", "hwnd", $hWnd, "long", $aM_Mask[0], "int", 1)

How To Full Transparant Only Show Icon and letter...???

Edited by penggilas2
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I won't write the code for you just wanted to give an example so you can work on it.

And besides that i don't really understand your question.

What to fully transperate.?? Your code need modification to work on my pc which im not willing to do it.

I feel nothing.It feels great.

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I want make GUICtrlCreatePic('grey.gif', 13, 5, 64, 64) and GUICtrlCreateButton ("Save", 100,100,80,80,$BS_ICON)

GUICtrlSetImage (-1, "shell32.dll",7) have transparant background so only show image icon and letter...

Thank`s spammer..

Maybe from another people will give me solution.. From my script..

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Spammer?? Morron i tried to help you and you call me spammer. You will get a lot of friends arround here like this.

This ur looking for if u were not lazy you would simply find in the help files. But sorry i forgot. This requiers mind and logic which it seems you dont have.


I feel nothing.It feels great.

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Both of you are morons in my book. penggilas2 for reading your member title instead of your name and you for not realizing that's exactly what happened and over-reacting.

Remember, ileandros, you are on your last chance on this forum. Under no circumstances should you be calling other users "moron" if you want to stay here.

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I am sorry if i missunderstood what he said but i think he knows which the name is and which the tittle.

Anyway really regretting trying to help people. I usually ask for help here and sometimes give some. I appreciate when i get help so i want other to do the same.

Nevermind though. Life goes on.

Sorry penggilas2 for calling you that way. And i am not telling you sorry because i'm afraid of getting banned here. Just telling sorry in case you read my member tittle instead of my name.

Valik you got another point of view my friend. Hope it's ages' difference.

I feel nothing.It feels great.

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