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PixelSearch being weird.

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When I first used AutoItx It was with visual studio 2008, and this code worked fine

#include <Windows.h>
#include "AutoIt3.h"
int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance,                   
            HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,                    
            LPSTR    lpCmdLine,                 
            int  nCmdShow){
long xx = 0;
long yy = 0;
LPPOINT ptr = new POINT();
xx = ptr->x; // at this point I get the exception as though ptr is NULL, exception will occur if ptr is referenced in any fashion
yy = ptr->y;
return 0;
Now I am using VS 2010 and I get an unhandled exception of access violation.

The error is as follows

Unhandled exception at 0x1001c86e in PSearch.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000008.

Which after a search seems to occur when referencing a NULL pointer.

ptr can be accessed and referenced before the call to AU3_PixelSearch() which seems to have an undesired affect on it.

Any Ideas what might cause this?

OS = Win7 32


Also during debugging I noticed that that ptr->x had been filled (for want of a better word) with a value but ptr->y had not.

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