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I'm sorry for probably stupid question in advance, but it seems that I'm not able to figure out how to click on this button myself...

<form id="delivery-and-payment" class="pretty-form" method="post" action="/uzivatel/objednavka/index$180-confirm_setup.html" data-ajax-url="/uzivatel/objednavka/ajax/index$180-confirm_setup.html">

<div class="clearfix">

<div class="float-right"><button type="submit" class="button-green button-green-next"><span>Pokračovat</span></button></div>

it would be nice if you could push me. Thx

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Thanks, I was obviously out yesterday, sry for lack of information. Yes, that's a sample from source code and yes2, it's czech website :)

The trouble i have with this is that I'm able to filter forms by its ID and find this one, but i don't know how to click the link then.

$Found = ""
$form = _IEFormGetCollection ($IE)

For $aform In $form
If $aform.id & "" = "delivery-and-payment" Then
$Found = $aform
;MsgBox(64, "Success", "Found it!")

And to click the button directly I need something like GetObjByClass which is obviously doesn't exist. I'm still not very perceptive today, but I'll try read more about it and figure it out andl let you know. Sry for hasty question.

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