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How to delete items/folders based on date?

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I wanted to use FileDelete commands to read some folders from a list and delete them but unfortunatly it isnt working as i wanted to.

As i read from the help files i found this "Some file attributes can make the deletion impossible.".I found the same in the DirRemove command...

Even that this is written in both commands DirRemove seems to work better than FileDelete.

This is my code:

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <File.au3>
#include <Array.au3>
#include "RecFileListToArray.au3"
$sRoot = @DesktopDir
Global $asList = TimeDate($sRoot)
Func Example()
$guicreate = GUICreate("Files/Folders", 500, 300)
$List = GUICtrlCreateList("",10,10,300,150)
$filemenu = GUICtrlCreateMenu("&File")
$fileitems = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("DesktopDir", $filemenu)
$DE = GUICtrlCreateButton("Delete Files by Date", 10 , 250 , 120 , 25)
$DEinput = GUICtrlCreateInput("yyyy/mm/dd",160,250,120,25)
$EX = GUICtrlCreateButton("Check Date And Time", 10, 190,120,25)
while 1
$msg = GUIGetMsg()
If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then ExitLoop

Switch $msg
     Case $fileitems
     $sExt_String = "*"
     $sPath = @DesktopDir
     $aFiles = _RecFileListToArray($sPath, $sExt_String, 2)
     For $i = 1 To $aFiles[0]
     GUICtrlSetData($List, $aFiles[$i])
    Case $EX
     $asList = TimeDate($sRoot)
     Case $DE
     $read = GUICtrlRead($List)
     if $read = true Then
     DirRemove($sPath & "" &$read,1)
Func TimeDate($sDir)
Local $aIn = _FileListToArray($sDir, "*", 2)
Local $aOut[$aIn[0] + 1][3] = [[$aIn[0]]]
For $i = 1 To $aOut[0][0]
     $aOut[$i][0] = $aIn[$i]
     $aDT = FileGetTime($sDir & "" & $aIn[$i], 0)
     $aOut[$i][1] = $aDT[0] & "/" & $aDT[1] & "/" & $aDT[2]
     $aOut[$i][2] = $aDT[3] & ":" & $aDT[4] & ":" & $aDT[5]
Return $aOut

How can i make the $DE button delete folders that have the same date as the date that will give in the input???

I tried StringMid to get the date of the input and the test it with the date of the folders but without luck...

All kind of help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Removing useless code.

Edited by ileandros

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$read is only getting any information if you've clicked on a folder name in the Listbox, it doesn't do any date checking in the $DE case, it just deletes what you have highlighted. Perhaps you want to read the $DEInput control to get the date first, then loop through your array to get any folders that match that date, and delete them?

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Hey my friend. Sorry but im out of country and didnt really had time to log in.

Yes this is what i want to do. I already did that but i screwed it up thats why i posted this way.

My problem is that i cant loop right through my array. TimeDate() function isnt sth i made and its confusing me...

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