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[Func] _IELoadWaitComplete

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Hey guys. Here is a function to wait a page to be loaded. Differences with _IeLoadWait is that it works with Javascript generated pages. You can use it even if there is lots of Javascript in the page.

Warnings : it dosn't work 100% Time and may returns before the page is really fully loaded, but itdoes better than the _IELoadWait function. If it don't work, you have to find another way to wait your page to be fully loaded, when there is a lot of AJAX for example.

Have fun


$oIE = _IECreate("http://google.fr")
Global $CountDownloads,$StatusTextChangeTime = _NowCalc()


; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name...........: _IELoadWaitComplete
; Description ...: Wait for a browser page with javascript load to complete before return
; Parameters ....: $o_object - Object variable of an InternetExplorer.Application
; $i_level - Optional: Level of verification before return
; $i_delay - Optional: Milliseconds to wait before checking status
; $i_timeout - Optional: Period of time to wait before exiting function
; (default = 10000 ms aka 10 sec)
; Return values .: On Success - Returns the level loaded
; On Failure - Returns 0
; Author ........: Timothée Malossane
; Requires ......: IE.au3 and Date.au3
; Remarks .......: _IELoadWait function is called whatever $i_level is.
; There are 4 levels of verification :
; level 1 : Only Busy property is checked
; level 2 : Busy and readyState properties are checked
; level 3 : [DEFAULT]Busy, readyState and Download properties are checked. Each download started MUCH BE ended
; level 4 : Busy, readyState, Download and StatusText properties are checked. Each download started MUCH BE ended. The statusText must stay the same for 1 second to return ok
; Warning : On Level 4 : The function may not return instantly and wait until 1 second more.
; Dont forget to include those 2 lines in head of your script.
; Global $CountDownloads,$StatusTextChangeTime = _NowCalc()
; $SinkObject=ObjEvent($oIE,"_IELoadWaitComplete_","DWebBrowserEvents2")
; This function need _IELoadWaitComplete_DownloadBegin,_IELoadWaitComplete_DownloadComplete and _IELoadWaitComplete_StatusTextChange to work
; ===============================================================================================================================

Func _IELoadWaitComplete(ByRef $o_object ,$i_level = 3, $i_delay = 0 , $i_timeout = 10000)
Local $ok = 0
Local $t = TimerInit()
While ($ok < $i_level And TimerDiff($t)<$i_timeout)
If (Not $o_object.Busy()) Then
If(String($o_object.readyState) <> 1) Then
If $CountDownloads <=0 Then
If (_DateDiff('s',$StatusTextChangeTime,_NowCalc()) >= 1) Then
$ok = 4
$ok = 3
$ok = 2
$ok = 1
$ok = 0
return $ok

Func _IELoadWaitComplete_DownloadBegin($text)
$CountDownloads += 1

Func _IELoadWaitComplete_DownloadComplete($text)
$CountDownloads -= 1
Func _IELoadWaitComplete_StatusTextChange($text)
$StatusTextChangeTime = _NowCalc()
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