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question about area screen

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hi guy i wanna do a little program like bsr video capture , so i wanna select a dimension of capturing .

example i want clik whit mouse over button and change arrow coursor in + select a point in monitor and click whit left button mouse (program start 1 coordinate) and whit pushed left mouse button track a diagonal in down of monitor and when i release the left button (program take 2 coordinate )

how do is i dont have idea :)


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this is probably way beyond your current knowledge, if you want to do it like you want.

Even i dont know how to capture a video from an area of the desktop.

And try to write more than 1 sentence per post or use the edit function :)

Edit: Found something you could use:

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Teamspeak 3 User Viewer - Quick and functional TS3 Query script, which shows online users.Cached Screenshot Deleter - Deletes older Fraps Screenshots if they exceed a specified limit.Unresolved Topics:Intercept and modify dragdrop text behaviour in scite

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