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ShellExecuteWait Timeout

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Hi everyone. I got a scheduler in AutoIt who launch some scripts which don't have any GUI but do some actions with IE.au3 or FF.au3

Here's my function :

Func _Lancerappli()
Local $i
For $i = 1 To $nbScenarios
If Eval("scenario" & $i & "_isStarted") And (Number(Eval("scenario" & $i & "_TimeBeforeExecute")) <= 0) Then
SplashTextOn("", "Simulation de " & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_appli") & "/" & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_name") & " en Cours", $total_width, 60, 0, $total_height - 60, 32 + 16 + 1, "", 20, 400)
ShellExecuteWait($autoit, '"' & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_path") & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_name") & '.au3"')
_log(" \\Scénario " & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_appli") & " // " & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_nom") & " lancé le " & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_last_date") & ". {Etat:" & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_nombreverifs") & " Nombre de Vérifications Echouées:" & Eval("scenario" & $i & "_nombreverifs0") & "}")
EndFunc ;==>_Lancerappli

The problem is that it can happens the script totally freeze (cause it waits for an hung Internet Explorer or an action which will never occurs). In this case my scheduler will not launch other scripts cause it is waiting with ShellExecuteWait.

I want to add a timeout (like 5 minutes) and then start a 'clean' function, is it possible?

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Maybe you can register an adlib to close the process after some time (like 5 min).

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