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Clicking on controls on top of a guictrlcreatepic

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Dear People,

I have used a large jpg to cover most of a GUI.

Then put a number of labels on top.

the GUiGetMsg doesnt acknowledge the labels.

if I remove the GUICtrlCreatePic, the labels are detected.

I have tried buttons; still no success.

How can I put controls on top of a GUICtrlCreatePic and have these controls picked up by GUiGetMsg?

Many thanks

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You must disable pic control, like in this code:

$hMain = GUICreate("Example")
$hPic = GUICtrlCreatePic(@WindowsDir & "Coffee Bean.bmp",0,0,400,400)
$Label = GUICtrlCreateLabel("This is a label",100,300,200,25,0x01)
GUICtrlSetBkColor($Label,-2)    ; Transparent background
$Button = GUICtrlCreateButton("Click Me",100,200,200,50)
GUICtrlSetState($hPic,128)  ; Disable Pic control

While True
    Switch GUIGetMsg()
        Case $Button
            GUICtrlSetData($Label,"Button was clicked")
        Case -3
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Thanks Bishop!

Works a treat.

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