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_ExcelBookClose dont close so strange

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hi guy i have create a program for read some cell like addressbook by excel sheet

but when ( in line 242 ) tell close excel dont close , why ?? :(

i attach a file


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set excel to show (so dont hide excel win) and on _ExcelBookOpen see what will happen to win and then define...

"dont close" =

1.i think it did not even try to close that win.

2.i think code tryed to close win but win somehow got stuck like not responding or something similar

3.on process list it still exsist but win is closed i dont see win

And try solutions...

for definition:

1: put msgbox and see and see if even come to line where it need to close, if not then your problem is in do untill loop so your script newer exit it

2: look at quick fix to see do it help http://www.autoitscript.com/trac/autoit/ticket/2163

3: add $file_xls = '' to clean object right after _ExcelBookClose($file_xls,1,0) line, if it dont help try changing to and still keep $file_xls = ''

Basicly standard udf is (shud be almost if not 100%) identical to Locodarwin udf, and yet still according to some users and especially this user

Fixed like a Co-Worker. Your suggestions are worth their weight in gold.

it do fix the third problem if $file_xls = '' fails to do it solo Edited by bogQ

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