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Control/Class - Retrieve data and inspect

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Hi All,

Im building a script to notify me when I recieve an email into the Help Desk email queue.

I can access the mailbox directly via OWA using Google Chrome


Via our wonderful software.

I'd prefer the software, as it'll be easier to share the script with colleagues.

When I use Window Info the entire queue system control appears as

Class: TTreeListBox

Instance: 2

ClassNameNN: TTreeListBox2 (Doesnt seem to change)


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which email-provider are you using


BTW no one is going to code for you

we can just help you with your code

My code:

PredictText: Predict Text of an Edit Control Like Scite. Remote Gmail: Execute your Scripts through Gmail. StringRegExp:Share and learn RegExp.

Run As System: A command line wrapper around PSEXEC.exe to execute your apps scripts as System (LSA). Database: An easier approach for _SQ_LITE beginners.

MathsEx: A UDF for Fractions and LCM, GCF/HCF. FloatingText: An UDF for make your text floating. Clipboard Extendor: A clipboard monitoring tool. 

Custom ScrollBar: Scroll Bar made with GDI+, user can use bitmaps instead. RestrictEdit_SRE: Restrict text in an Edit Control through a Regular Expression.

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JustRiedy, is OWA your only option, or do you have Outlook installed locally? If the latter, you can do this with the Outlook UDF.

Edit: Sorry, OutlookEX UDF. You can take a look at the UDF in the Examples forum, and there is a thread here in the General Help forum for any questions. I know Water is quick to provide support.

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√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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I could use Outlook, I didnt find a UDF on my earlier searches.

I'll try again.

I don't expect anyone to write code for me, at the most point me to a UDF or a function that'll assist me ;)

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