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Attaching another window as a child to my GUI

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My GUI relies on a 3rd party application to run properly. How can look for the closing action of the other application, and perform actions based on it?

i.e. User goes to close the other application, my application brings up the exit confirmation (and does not close the other application unless the user confirms it).

Currently I've set it so that the program errors out if the other application is closed, but this can be cumbersome at times for the average user.

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AdlibRegister(PreventClosing,250) ; run that function 4 times per second (default)

Func PreventClosing()
    Local $Title = "Title of exit dialog, other application"
    Local $Text = "Text of exit dialog, other application"
    If WinExists($Title, $Text) Then
        ; do whatsoever is appropriate here
EndFunc   ;==>PreventClosing

if there is no exit confirmation dialog for the other application, then use WinExists($title,$text) to monitor, if the other application is still running.

Or start it with $PID=run("c:pathtoother-application.exe") and use ProcessExists($PID) for monitoring.

Regards, Rudi.

Regards, Rudi.

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