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Text from COM garbled/formatted ?

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Ive done some looking and the only thing I can find that mentions garbled data is from '_ClipBoard_SetData'

Also, do NOT pass $CF_UNICODETEXT in Binary format (causes garbled data).

Im expecting plain text but receive this set of data:

Posted Image

Im hoping that this is just formatted in away that can translate

(since they always return with a proceeding '?')

Here are the calls producing the return values:

; GetCustomByIndex (3) Works
For $i = 0 to $oAcadActDoc.SummaryInfo.NumCustomInfo -1
$oAcadActDoc.SummaryInfo.GetCustomByIndex($i,$tTemp5,$tTemp6); GetCustomByIndex 0, Key0, Value0
ConsoleWrite("Ok Loop=" & $i & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite("$tTemp5:" & $tTemp5 &@CRLF& "$tTemp6:" & $tTemp6 & @CRLF)
; GetCustomByKey (2) Works
$oAcadActDoc.SummaryInfo.GetCustomByKey('1',$tTemp4); GetCustomByIndex 0, Key0, Value0
ConsoleWrite("$tTemp4:" & $tTemp4 &@CRLF)

I think I read somewhere that passing variable containers to a COM handler wouldn't work. If this is the case, can some one verify this please because Im able to get data back from the containers, its just garbled/formated.

Thanks for any info!

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