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Display all window titles from a given class or process?

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I'm trying to use AutoIt to gather all the window titles from a given class (or process).

Local $Titles = WinGetTitle("[CLASS:IMWindowClass]", "")
MsgBox(0, "Full title read was:", $Titles)

The help for WinGetTitle states it only gets the last active window if multiple titles are found

Is there anyway I can get it to list out all window titles?

The IMWindowClass is Microsoft Lync (communicator.exe). I'm eventually putting together a GUI where I can have canned replies/messages that I can select a window (a person's name) and push a button to send the string of text into that Instant Message window. Figured if I could populate a drop-down menu with a list of people's names (titles of the IM windows), then I could go from there...

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Here ya go...replace the CLASS

#include <Array.au3>
Dim $array[1]
$iCounter = 1
While 1
If Not WinExists ( "[CLASS:IEFrame; INSTANCE:" & $iCounter & "]" ) Then ExitLoop
ReDim $array[$iCounter]
$array[$iCounter-1] = WinGetTitle ( "[CLASS:IEFrame; INSTANCE:" & $iCounter & "]" )
$iCounter += 1
_ArrayDisplay ( $array )
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