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Server Busy error without much input

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I've made a script that uses a program called "Onguard" to get certain information. The only thing I really do is activate it and active a certain window to get some data. The problem is that sometimes I get an error (Sever Busy, Switch To or Retry), but not always. I don't really think this should overload the software. Anyone a clue what I'm doing wrong?

$handle = "OnGuard ICMS 2.6 - "
winactivate ($handle)

Sleep (1500)
controlclick ($handle, "", "msvb_lib_toolbar2", "Left", 1, 59, 13)

$infohandle = "Debiteur details (1000)"
winwaitactive ($infohandle)
$debnr = Controlgettext ($infohandle, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox30")
$bedrijfsnaam = Controlgettext ($infohandle, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox29")
Controlclick ($infohandle, "", "SSTabCtlWndClass1", "Left", 1, 171, 32)
Sleep (500)
$telnr1 = Controlgettext ($infohandle, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox14")
$telnr2 = Controlgettext ($infohandle, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox13")
$telnr3 = Controlgettext ($infohandle, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox12")
winkill ($infohandle)

Thank you in advanche!

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does this one give you better results?

$TitleMain = "OnGuard ICMS 2.6 - "

While 1
If WinActive($TitleMain) Then ExitLoop

ControlClick($TitleMain, "", "msvb_lib_toolbar2", "Left", 1, 59, 13) ; do you really need to click a certain position within that control?

$TitleInfo = "Debiteur details (1000)"
While 1
If WinActive($TitleInfo) Then ExitLoop

$debnr = ControlGetText($TitleInfo, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox30")
$bedrijfsnaam = ControlGetText($TitleInfo, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox29")
ControlClick($TitleInfo, "", "SSTabCtlWndClass1", "Left", 1, 171, 32) ; same question as above. Usually the default (click control's center) is OK.
Sleep(500) ; is this wait time sufficent?
$telnr1 = ControlGetText($TitleInfo, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox14")
$telnr2 = ControlGetText($TitleInfo, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox13")
$telnr3 = ControlGetText($TitleInfo, "", "ThunderRT6TextBox12")
WinKill($TitleInfo) ; do you really need to close this window forcibly? -> WinClose() ??

Regards, Rudi.

<edit> missed to tidy the code </edit>

Edited by rudi

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