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getElementById IE8 and Win7 Enterprise 32

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I had written a program to boost our outage processes at work and then IT decides now we are upgrading to Windows 7 and we ran into a bug with how I have the IE object setup and pass values to it.

Below is the code that I currently have that does not work with IE8 in win7 enterprise 32bit.

Global $oIE = ObjCreate("InternetExplorer.Application")
; navigate to the page
; wait
While $oIE.Busy
$doc = $oIE.document
; wait for it...
While $doc.ReadyState <> "complete"
$oIE.Visible = True
; getting element obj ID
$city = $doc.getElementById("city")
$state = $doc.getElementById("state")
; set values
$city.value = "test"
$state.Value = "test"

I did some research on 'getelementbyid' with ie8 and win7 and there is a case sensativity issue in ie8, but i built the program to be a direct match to the ID in the site - so I know it is right. Any thoughts on how to manage this?

I narrowed it down to the .getelementbyID section because the program runs and displays the IE window then crashes....which the visibility trigger is the last thing to happen before it hits the .getelementbyid tags.

Thanks in advance.

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can you confirm that $oIE.document returned object and that its on that line error with MsgBox(0,'',IsObj($doc))?

did msgbox popup? did it return some result?

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I commented out the $doc = $oie.document line and let it run on and tried various alterations of the document.getelementbyid and it simply seems to refuse to work. So what is different in IE8 other than the case sensitivity of an ID or name?

The line that errors:

$doc = $oIE.document

The requested action with this object has failed.

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