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& Things in menu don't work

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Hey guys... I understand (I think) that when you put an "&" character in the name of a GUICtrlCreateMenu it will add a little line underneat ? They're called power things I think ? But anywho... I tried the example that came with AutoIt that has all the GUI controls... And it doesn't have the little "_" under the name either of the menu... Is there a setting on my computer that is disabling these or something? I also ran the example in the help file for it... Ideas? :dance:

Thanks ! :whistle:

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Windows XP has a setting that hides these underlines until the ALT key is pressed. You can disable this annoyance through Display Properties > Appearance > Effects.


You're right! Thanks a bunch, now I don't have to press Alt to see the sexiness :dance:

Thanks again guys! :whistle:

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