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7zip UDF and folder structure

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I wanted to extract a zip file keeping the original structure in the zip file but this extracts everything in the output folder instead of keeping the original file structure of the zip.

What I'm doing currently but that doesn't work:

_7ZIPExtract(0, @Scriptdir & "test.zip", @Scriptdir & "\", 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0)

Is there any way to keep the structure of the zip when extracting with the 7zip UDF ?

Thank you.

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just a bit of code i snatched from another program of mine - maybe this will give you some insight? i assume it's the same for the dll

7z.exe x "' & $TempDir & '' & $ProgramInstaller & '" -aoa -o"' & $progInstallDir & '"'

without looking at the 7z help file, i think it's the "x" switch that maintains directory structure

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