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GUICtrlGetState numeric value table listing?

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This should be a simple question. According to the Help File for the 'GUICtrlGetState' command...

Success: Returns the state. See GUICtrlSetState for values

Failure: Returns -1 if control is not defined.

However upon checking the 'State Table' for the 'GUICtrlSetState' the numeric values do not seem to be listed, only a listing of the various do I know what the values represent that the GUICtrlGetState returns? Specifically what are 80 and 144? I believe they are 'enabled' and 'disabled' but where is that info given in the help file? Thanks in advance.

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I'm wondering why you are using GUICtrlGetState for another ctrl than a checkbox/radio.

All the values are listed in the table, but you can put them together (e.g : DISABLED+CHECKED).

So the best way for you to check the state would be to use the variables associated to the values like this :

;$myctrl is a checkbox visible, checked and disabled
$iState = GUICtrlGetState($myctrl) ;144

If $iState = BitOR($GUI_SHOW, $GUI_CHECKED, $GUI_DISABLE) Then ;145

I wrote this before testing the script and as you can see the value is different from one..., maybe someone will tell us why.

Br, FireFox.

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