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How Can I Make IE Download a File?

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Let's say I have a Variable, that contains a URL to some File.

Now I want IE to Download that file.

(that means with the small IE Download Window, and not by myself via InetGet() etc..)

How can I do it?

Plase note that the simple answer might be to simply start IE with the URL for the file,

This will work most of the time, but not for all cases.

If you give it a .ZIP, then it will download it,

but if you give it a .PDF, it will Auto Show it in the IE window..

I do not want that..

I want IE to download the file, even if it can show it...

Thank you very much


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Dog ate your help file? Look at InetGet

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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perhaps _IEAction() in combination with InetGet()? that's all i'm coming up with, other than possibly unregistering Adobe until the download is started

FUNCTIONS: WinDock (dock window to screen edge) | EditCtrl_ToggleLineWrap (line/word wrap for AU3 edit control) | SendEX (yet another alternative to Send( ) ) | Spell Checker (Hunspell wrapper) | SentenceCase (capitalize first letter of sentences)

CODE SNIPPITS: Dynamic tab width (set tab control width according to window width)

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