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How to click button when appear?

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Hi guys i'm studying this great program and it's code but i can't do something. I want to click or send space when button with text:Skip will appear, i wan't a loop that will be checking on for 10 sec is button skip does exist. I've made this code but it's doesn't work ;S

HotKeySet( "{F3}", "exitthescript")
WinActivate ( "[TITLE:Recovery Manager]", "")
Local $text = ControlGetText("[TITLE:Recovery Manager]", "","[CLASS:Button; TEXT:Skip; INSTANCE:3]")
While @error="1"
  $text = ControlGetText("[TITLE:Recovery Manager]", "","[CLASS:Button; TEXT:Skip; INSTANCE:3]")
Func exitthescript()

I hope you cant help with that. :)

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Try this :

HotKeySet("{F3}", "_Exit")
WinActivate("[TITLE:Recovery Manager]", "")

Local $text

While 1
    $text = ControlGetText("[TITLE:Recovery Manager]", "", "[CLASS:Button;INSTANCE:3]")
    If $text = "SKIP" Then ExitLoop
    Sleep(10000) ;check every 10sec


Func _Exit()
EndFunc   ;==>_Exit

Br, FireFox.


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I like to validate that a control exists, isvisible, and enabled, prior to clicking, or performing an action...just create a UDF that loops until those conditions are met..sometimes, the controls may take a bit to enable, which will cause issues in your script

ControlCommand ( $hwndCallersWindow, "", $hwndCallersControl, "IsEnabled", "" )

ControlCommand ( $hwndCallersWindow, "", $hwndCallersControl, "IsVisible", "")

i do the same kind of checks on windows as well, but using wingetstate()

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