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Combobox Sleep

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The question is simple, how can i create a func of time, in minutes, previously selected on a combobox?

For example, in a alarm clock, i need snooze the alarm in relation to what the user selected.

In the script i mean i'll put the Func, and call the func in a While, so when i click the button for snooze clock, the func will activate.

I'll wait with patient.


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:o! Thanks man, that works!

I don't understand why this don't work

Local $Tiempo = $Tiempo * 60000

Func _Delay()



Can you explain me, why that don't work?

The logical is good, i'm using a bad command?


Edit: I think i discover why my logical doesn't work.

Local GuiCtrlRead($Tiempo) = GuiCtrlRead($Tiempo) * 60000

The logical is fine?

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GUICtrlRead is used to read GUI controls, if you want to get the value of a simple variable then just do :

Global $Tiempo = 1 ;assign the value 1 to Tiempo
$Tiempo = $Tiempo * 60000

Func _Delay()
Sleep($Tiempo) ;set the var $Tiempo as delay param (give the $Tiempo value)
EndFunc   ;==>_Delay

Don't forget to use the helpfile (F1 hotkey in SciTE).

Edit : typo.

Br, FireFox.

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Ok, people! Thanks to you for answering my question :D.

Thanks, seriously, i'm understanding how it works

Again, thanks, you can close the thread.


#Closed ¿?

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