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Click a window's system menu (NOT by pressing Alt-Space)

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I'm working on a script that runs the DOSBox MS-DOS emulator while the script remains running in the background.

DOSBox doesn't respond to the Alt-Space keystroke that normally opens the "system menu" at the upper left corner of a window. I want to set a hotkey in my script that will click on that menu when I press Alt-Space or some other key.

I know how to set a hotkey in AutoIt. What I don't know is how to make AutoIt click the system menu (NOT the File menu or any other top-line menu) of a window. If anyone knows how to do this, could you kindly let me know how it's done?

Thanks for any help.

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Take a look at MouseMove, MouseClick functions in the help file.

Edit :

Global $aDOSBoxWndPos = WinGetPos("DOSBox ")

MouseClick("left", $aDOSBoxWndPos[0] + 5, $aDOSBoxWndPos[1] + 5, 1, 0)

Edit2 : There is maybe a winapi function or another trick to show this menu without clicking with the mouse on it.

Br, FireFox.

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The MouseClick idea is probably the best one - and thanks for spelling out the exact code. As you say in your EDIT2, I hope there's something else that can do this, because the MouseClick method relies on coordinates which may not always be where we expect.

But this certainly does what I asked - thank you again!

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