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ListBox LB_GETTEXT bug?

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Hi folks,

My GUI has a listbox containing filepaths. and a button that does what is equivalent to a DELETE ALL function (which will delete the files and remove the items in the listbox as they are deleted). It's wierd but my FOR...NEXT loop would not delete everything. I found that at some point, $LB_GETTEXT will return some garbage in the text. Would really appreciate it if someone could take a look. THanks in advance...

Here's my code...

#include <GuiConstants.au3>

$LB_GETCOUNT        = 0x18B
$LB_GETTEXT         = 0x0189
$FileList = "c:\file01.txt|c:\file02.txt|c:\file03.txt|c:\file04.txt|c:\file05.txt|c:\file06.txt|c:\file07.txt|c:\file08.txt|c:\file09.txt"

GuiCreate("LB Test", 299, 291,-1, -1)

$List_1 = GuiCtrlCreateList("", 10, 10, 280, 227);,$LBS_MULTISELECT)
$Button_2 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Delete ALL", 10, 250, 80, 30)

While 1
    $msg = GuiGetMsg()
    Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
    Case $msg = $Button_2
        $items_count = _GUICtrlListCount($List_1); count the number of items in listbox
        For $i = 0 to $items_count - 1
            $FileToDelete = _GUICtrlListGetText($List_1, $i)
                                                                    MsgBox(262144,'Debug line ~31','Selection:' & @lf & '$FileToDelete ' & @lf & @lf & 'Return:' & @lf & $FileToDelete  & @lf & @lf & '@Error:' & @lf & @Error & @lf & @lf & '@Extended:' & @lf & @Extended);### Debug MSGBOX
        ; FileDelete($FileToDelete)
            _GUICtrlListDeleteItem($List_1, $i)

Func _GUICtrlListCount($h_listbox)
    Return GUICtrlSendMsg($h_listbox, $LB_GETCOUNT, 0, 0)
EndFunc  ;==>_GUICtrlListCount

Func _GUICtrlListDeleteItem($h_listbox, $i_index)
    Return GUICtrlSendMsg($h_listbox, $LB_DELETESTRING, $i_index, 0)
EndFunc  ;==>_GUICtrlListDeleteItem

Func _GUICtrlListGetText($h_listbox, $i_index)
    Return GUICtrlRecvMsg($h_listbox, $LB_GETTEXT, $i_index, 1)
EndFunc  ;==>_GUICtrlListGetText

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Func _GUICtrlListGetText($h_listbox, $i_index)
    Return GUICtrlRecvMsg($h_listbox, $LB_GETTEXT, $i_index, 1)
EndFunc ;==>_GUICtrlListGetText


It should be:

Func _GUICtrlListGetText($h_listbox, $i_index)
    Return GUICtrlSendMsg($h_listbox, $LB_GETTEXT, $i_index, 1)
EndFunc ;==>_GUICtrlListGetText

GUICtrlRecvMsg --> GUICtrlSendMsg

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@gafrost, by god, you're right. I'm laughing at myself as I type. :whistle: too embarassing. :"> . I should've guessed the items would be renumbered after each deletion. Glad I don't do this for a living. Thanks again and until my next booboo.

Edited by kalayaan

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