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User defined shortcut keys do not work

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I'm trying to add a user shortcut key to display the calltip for the word I'm on, but nothing works.

Here's what I did:

I added these lines:

# User defined key commands









to these files:



C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\SciTE\SciTEUser.properties

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\SciTE\SciTEGlobal.properties

When I restart the editor and try again, the Alt+F1 doesn't do anything. I've tried other shortcut key combinations (Ctrl+B, etc.), but none of them worked.

I've searched this forum, and I Googled it, but none of the suggestions worked.

Is there something else I need to change?

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You are missing a verticalbar.

This works for me when added to SciTEUser.properties:



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Thanks. I fixed that, but it still didn't work.

I'm in the editor and the caret is on the "M" of

MsgBox(, $title, $str)
and I press Ctrl-B and nothing happens.

Perhaps you could set it up like I have it. I moved the "user.shortcuts" lines to the END of the 2 properties files, with a blank line following them. Also, I wasn't sure where to put the properties files, so I copied both files to both directories. Could this make a difference?

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