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how to get the [active network] NAME or GUID

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i need to find a way to retrieve somehow the active network name in Windows 7.

is another thing than active connection name , like [Local Area Connection 2]


what i found in www :

the registry key

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles\]

can contain one network profile or it could contain a large number of network profiles [see windows 2 in my attached jpeg file]

Within the above registry key, each of the networks that the computer has connected to, is recorded by the system,

for every new network will be create a new profile network .

Each one is identified by a unique {profileGUID} .

Also, under the above regkey [in registry] exist the keys



with one subkey {AnotherVeryLongProfileGUIDname} for each {profileGUID} .

This registry subkeys contains [also] the MAC address of the gateway [router mostly] that the system is or was connected to ,

and the above {proffileGUID} .

if we have one connection to one router [i dont tested 2 nics conected 2 different routers]

ONLY one of this profiles, is [how windows said in windows 1 in my attached jpeg file] the active network .

In the same [windows 1 in my attached jpeg file] , we can see the connection , [Local Area Connection] , who is related directly with the NIC .

So , 3 NICs in computer make 3 different connections.

Computer was connected wired or wireless to 5 different networks [routers] wil make 5 network profiles.

If conect in the same network, the computer with 3 different nics, one by one, the profile/active network will be the same , the connections will be different . even the computer has 2 connected nics in same time , will be 2 connections and 1 active network.

Same NIC , in two networks , the connection remain the same , the 2 network profiles are different.


With registry and WMI , I have all knowledges about nics , connections , ip….anything about...

I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIND , any method , the [active profile=active network] NAME or GUID .

and relate it with the active connection [Local area connection in my jpeg file]

In [windows 3 in my attached jpeg file] , i see that Windows 7 can do that .

i do search last three days everywhere. nothing about this .

Any tips, suggestions , please ?


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don't know if you need this anymore... but:

How to get active profile Adapter:

First find your network interface of your choice.

open cmd

ipconfig /all > note the IP-Adress of your gateway

arp -a > note the mac adress of your gateway

open registry and navigate to following place:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Signatures\

Here you find managed and unmanaged Profiles (may you must export for better search experience with an editor Hint: search for mac like "DefaultGatewayMac"=hex:12,00,0c,07,ac,64)

now note the ProfileGuid and navigate to your Profile Path in Registry

Hope it helps :-)


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