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Help to work out if page in IE is scrolled or not

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Hi all,

I've been searching threads and example scripts most of the morning but I haven't been able to solve a particular need yet.

I am writing a tool-tips overlay for a browser based work application, to reduce the amount of repetitive questions from people. We use IE exclusively thanks to IT policy.

The tops of the pages are constant and this is where my tips overlay goes. The lower parts return search results and could be any length. When the user scrolls down away from the top, I want to know this so I can hide the tips, until they scroll back to the top. I cannot work out if IE.au3 or any of the others can tell me if the page has been scrolled down or not.

I think these threads got closest but I haven't had any joy:

I also searched thru IE.au3 but did not find anything. I found some variables that look like $oBody.scrollHeight in example scripts but don't know where a listing is for them, to see if there is a scroll.position or something.

I heard DaleHolm is the IE man but I went thru his scripts and didn't find anything, or completely missed it if it was there, which is entirely possible.

I am basically just trying to work out: is the page at the top, or is it scrolled away from the top?

Can anyone assist me please?

#include <IE.au3>
$oIE = _IE_Example("form")
While 1
$oBody = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "BODY", 0)
ConsoleWrite("Body Height: " & _IEPropertyGet($oBody, "height") & @CR)
ConsoleWrite("scrollHeight: " & $oBody.scrollHeight & @CR)
ConsoleWrite("scrollPosition: " & $oBody.scrollPosition & @CR) ;<---------------??? This doesn't work because I made it up, but I am looking for something like this.
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Ok, I've managed to solve this by sampling a pixel color in the company logo that sits at the top of the page and scrolls with the page. If the color is as per the script, it will display the tips, if not, then it removes them.

If anyone does know of an IE control for that scrolling, I'm always keen to learn, otherwise we're at least working.

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