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hello world.

so ive converted part of it as there are hundreds of examples in this forum to go by

$objWMIService = ObjGet("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel = impersonate}!" & $asset & "rootHPInstrumentedBios")

$colOperatingSystems = $objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from HP_BIOSSettingInterface")

If IsObj($colOperatingSystems) Then
    For $objOS In $colOperatingSystems

but i am unsure how to convert this (which is supposed to make the change and return a success/fail value):

For each objOS in colOperatingSystems
    objItem.SetBiosSetting oReturn, "Boot Order", "Diskette,Hard Drive,Network Controller,Multibay", "<kbd/>1E302E020304"

thanks in advance!

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Give it a try :

Global $oReturn
$objItem.SetBiosSetting($oReturn, "Boot Order", "Diskette,Hard Drive,Network Controller,Multibay", "<kbd/>1E302E020304")

Br, FireFox.

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Hi, gcue, can you post the original vbscript? I'm not sure where the script is pulling oReturn or objItem from. Typically, you only need to throw parenthesis around it, like this:

For $objOS in $colOperatingSystems
     $objOS.SetBiosSetting($oReturn, "Boot Order", "Diskette,Hard Drive,Network Controller,Multibay", "<kbd/>1E302E020304")

Edit: Too late!

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