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Run installer with RunAsWait() fails when domain user is logged in

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I´m trying to install an application on several client computers using runaswait().

I´m getting Windows installer error 2103.26 when I´m starting the installer.exe using runaswait() as local administrator.

I know that I´m getting local administrative access to the computer.

The command used is: RunAsWait($sUserName, $sComputerName, $sCurrentPwd, 1, "\\wfalkemsr001\hemlopa\Lmd\Scripts\" & $sApp & "\" & "install_" & $sApp & ".exe", "")

This error only show when the user logged on to the computer is a domain user (AD). If the user is logged on with a local user account the application installs fine.

I have to set the logon_flag to 1 otherwise it won´t work at all.

I googled it and came up with this:


and this:


They both say that this has to do with "resolving paths for shell folders".

This is where my knowledge ends and I need your help!

Best regards,


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Hi, FredrikBostrom, welcome to the forum. As a long-time application packager, this error is something you see more than you would care to :) The #1 reason it will throw this error is if you're using an account that does not have proper access to the install location. You mention that you're running as the local administrator account, yet it appears you are pulling your install from a network location. Unless you've done something fancy, the local admin account isn't going to be able to access this location.

Your alternative, if you are in a domain environment, is to set up a Service Account in Active Directory. One that you would use for all of your software installs. Then you could add this service account to the local admins group on the computer(s), and store your installs in a central repository where the service account has full access.

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Hi, and thank you!

I managed to get rid of the 2103-error. What I have done now is that use a different approch to getting admin-access to the computer. I now execute runaswait() with a domian account that has admin-rights on every client locally and enough rights on involved network shares.

I still get som very strange behavior from the installer exe. First of all....when I run the installer.exe without the use of Autoit-scripts it installs as it is supposed to. It creates a directory (c:analytix) and copy files to it and then it creates a sub directory (c:analytixtemp). It then launches another installation (Crystal reports).

When I try to start the installation using my Autoit-script and Runaswait() the installer starts and the directory (c:analytix) is created. Files are copied to the directory. The problem is that the sub directory (c:analytixtemp) is never created (which is needed for the app to run) and some of the files which reside in a subdirectory of the installers path are never copied either. With installers path I mean the network share where I start the installer.exe from.

The installer.exe has an ini-fil where the installer reads some settings from. This ini-file is located in the same directory as the installer.exe. It seems as if the installer never reads the ini-file when it is executed with Autoit-script with runaswait().

I´m starting to think that all of the above problems has to do with the installer not being able to read from the installer.exe path (network share) properly.

Or maybe the problem has to do with logged in user profile collision with runaswait() user and profile....

I´m so close to get this to function properly. (More) help is needed!

Best regards,


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The code is partially bits and pieces from code snippets that I found on forums so I´ll take this opportunity to thank those who recognize pieces of their code.

Here´s the "main script" that runs first. This script runs in the autostart folder on every client. It checks a database if a program installation is to be executed on the machine using its computername. If so, the "install script (see below) is executed using a domain account that has admin rights locally and enough rights on the involved network shares from where it reads the installer.exe. If the installation is succesful the script writes "2" to a field in the database and if not succesful (working on how to handle it) it writes "9" to the field in the database. It then shows a msgbox displaying the result to the user.

Local $sComputerName = @ComputerName
Local $RunResult
Local $oRS = ObjCreate("ADODB.Recordset")
Local $sQuery = "SELECT * FROM att_installera WHERE datornamn = '" & $sComputerName & "'"
$oRS = _SQLQuery(_SQLConnect("wfalkemsr005", "natverksenhet", 1, "lmd_read", "edimed12", "{SQL Server}"), $sQuery)

;Hantering av recordset $oRS. Om det är tom avslutas scriptet, om inte så kontrolleras varje kolumn om de innehåller "1".
;I så fall läses kolumnnamnet (vilket är programnamnet) och installation av detta inleds. Då installationen har gått färdigt
;skrivs "2" i fältet om installationen lyckats. Om något gått fel skrivs "9".
If Not $oRS.RecordCount = 0 Then
For $oField in $oRS.Fields
If $oField.Name <> "datornamn" Then
If $oRS.Fields($oField.Name).Value = 1 Then
$RunResult = _InstallApp($oField.Name)
If $RunResult = 0 Then
_SQLQuery(_SQLConnect("wfalkemsr005", "natverksenhet", 1, "*******", "*******", "{SQL Server}"), "UPDATE att_installera SET " & $oField.Name & " = 2 WHERE datornamn = '" & $sComputerName & "'")
ElseIf $RunResult <> 0 Then
_SQLQuery(_SQLConnect("wfalkemsr005", "natverksenhet", 1, "*******", "*******", "{SQL Server}"), "UPDATE att_installera SET " & $oField.Name & " = 9 WHERE datornamn = '" & $sComputerName & "'")

;Meddelande till användaren att programinstallationen är avslutad, lyckad eller misslyckad.
If $RunResult = "0" Then
MsgBox(64, "Lyckad programinstallation", "Programinstallationen var lyckad och är avslutad." & @CRLF & @CRLF & "Du bör nu starta om datorn.", 15)
ElseIf $RunResult <> 0 Then
MsgBox(64, "Misslyckad programinstallation", "Programinstallationen misslyckades och är avslutad." & @CRLF & @CRLF & "Kontakta någon på LmD-IT." & @CRLF & @CRLF & "Du bör nu starta om datorn.", 15)

If $oRS.RecordCount = 0 Then

;Funktion för koppling mot databasen och skapande av connection-object
Func _SQLConnect($sServer, $sDatabase, $fAuthMode = 0, $sUsername = "", $sPassword = "", $sDriver = "{SQL Server}")
Local $sTemp = StringMid($sDriver, 2, StringLen($sDriver) - 2)
Local $sKey = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREODBCODBCINST.INIODBC Drivers", $sVal = RegRead($sKey, $sTemp)
If @error or $sVal = "" Then Return SetError(2, 0, 0)
$oConn = ObjCreate("ADODB.Connection")
$oConn.CursorLocation = 3
If NOT IsObj($oConn) Then Return SetError(3, 0, 0)
If $fAuthMode Then $oConn.Open ("DRIVER=" & $sDriver & ";SERVER=" & $sServer & ";DATABASE=" & $sDatabase & ";UID=" & $sUsername & ";PWD=" & $sPassword & ";")
If @error Then Return SetError(1,0,0)
If NOT $fAuthMode Then $oConn.Open("DRIVER=" & $sDriver & ";SERVER=" & $sServer & ";DATABASE=" & $sDatabase)
If @error Then Return SetError(1,0,0)
Return $oConn

;Funktion för SQL-frågan
Func _SQLQuery($oConn, $sQuery)
If IsObj($oConn) Then Return $oConn.Execute($sQuery)
Return SetError(1, 0, 0)

;Funktion för att initiera installation av aktuella program. Denna funktion kör installationsskript som Administratör.
Func _InstallApp($sApp)
RunAsWait("******", "*******", "********", 1, "wfalkemsr001hemlopaLmdScripts" & $sApp & "" & "install_" & $sApp & ".exe", "")

And here´s the "per application to install" -script for one of the applications (Analytix) to install (the one that threw the Installer error in previous post).

This script is called from the "main script" and is run as administrator using RunAsWait() as stated above. It turns off the "file security popup" in windows xp during the install and then enables it again after the script is finished. It runs the installer.exe from a network share using runwait(). I have tried with many different "working dirs" and none is affecting the outcome og the installation. The problems in the posts above remains.

;**** Installera CGM Analytix 5.4 ****

;Om systemet är 64-bitars sätts $i64Bit till "64"
Local $i64Bit = ""
If @OSArch = "X64" Then
$i64Bit = "64"

_ProgressBar("Analytix", 0, "Ändrar tillfälligt registernyckeln '1806' till '0'")

;Ändra tillfälligt registernyckeln "1806" till "0"
RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER"& $i64Bit & "SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones3", "1806", "REG_DWORD", "0")

_ProgressBar("Analytix", 30, "Installerar Analytix")

;Kör installationsfilen
RunWait("wfalkemsr002analytixinstallinstall.exe /s")

_ProgressBar("Analytix", 60, "Återställer registernyckeln '1806' till '1'")

;Kopiera filer till c:analytix som inte installationsprogrammet klarar av när det är scriptat
FileCopy("wfalkemsr002analytixini*.*", "c:analytix*.*", 1)
FileCopy("wfalkemsr002analytixinstalldllliddefaultlid.dll", "c:analytix*.*", 1)
FileCopy("wfalkemsr002analytixinstalldllpexdefaultpex32.dll", "c:analytix*.*", 1)
FileCopy("wfalkemsr002analytixinstalldllpidswepid32.dll", "c:analytix*.*", 1)
FileCopy("wfalkemsr002analytixinstalldllrexdefaultrex.dll", "c:analytix*.*", 1)
FileCopy("wfalkemsr002analytixinstalldlltimegeneraltime32.dll", "c:analytix*.*", 1)

;Radera vers.ini från c:analytix

;Återställ registernyckeln "1806" till "1"
RegWrite("HKEY_CURRENT_USER"& $i64Bit & "SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones3", "1806", "REG_DWORD", "1")

_ProgressBar("Analytix", 80, "Kopierar ut genväg på skrivbordet")

;Kopiera ut en genväg till Analytix hjälpfil på skrivbordet för All-users
FileCopy("wfalkemsr002analytixinstallAnalytix_Hjälp.lnk", "C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersSkrivbord")

_ProgressBar("Analytix", 100, "Installationen slutförd")

;Funktion för progressbar under installationsförloppet
Func _ProgressBar($sApp, $iCnt, $sJob)
If $iCnt = 0 Then
ProgressOn("Programinstallation", $sApp & " installeras på datorn. Vänta...", "", -1, 200)
ProgressSet($iCnt, $sJob)
;ProgressSet($iCnt, $iCnt & " procent färdigt", $sJob)
ElseIf $iCnt > 0 And $iCnt < 100 Then
ProgressSet($iCnt, $sJob)
;ProgressSet($iCnt, $iCnt & " procent färdigt", $sJob)
ElseIf $iCnt = 100 Then
ProgressSet($iCnt, $sJob, "Analytix är nu installerat!")

I was forced to do the "file copy" -part to copy the files that the installer won´t copy when run using autoit runaswait(). But that doesn´t solve the problem with the installer not creating the temp directory etc...


As you can se I am not a professional coder so I´m very much aware that the code can be done so much better and nicer but this is what I´m able to produce with my curreny programming skills.

Best regards,


Edited by FredrikBostrom

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