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executable ran by hidden process won't display itself

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I am trying to open a exe I created from another executable I created. Two seperate files.

The first file is ran by a hidden process. It is not visible.

How do I make this file run normally? There is no window but I put in MsgBox to popup. The file runs and just waits. I assume the MsgBox is there somewhere but just not visible so the program will never shutdown.

I thought creating another exe and running it via ShellExecute with @SW_SHOW set would work but this file is same hidden state as the first one.

All I did was create a file with MsgBox popup and an Exit line. That's it.

The file runs but nothing is visible and the exe just sits there frozen in TaskManager.

Same for the other one that is started from this.

If I run either program directly everything is fine and works the way it should. But when either is ran from a hidden process then they don't work normally, the programs run I can see that in the TaskManager but they just sit there waiting for an action I can't do.

How do I get around this and make a program run from a hidden process run normally?


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My terminology maybe wrong.

I have Apache and PHP setup on my windows 7 Pro 64bit system. I am trying to run an exe I created from PHP. The process is php-cgi.exe, this is PHP.

When I run my exe's from php they are not visible. I do not know why or what state they are in or how to change them or make them run normally.

Any exe that is started from my php programs that would then start other applications are not run normally. The user that is controlling them is System.

Putting RunAs to try to make them run as some other user I am not getting any results, the apps just don't start.

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