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Is there any way to stick a GUI to the desktop?

I want to make a "Custom Desktop" application that will run over the current "Windows Desktop".

Any idea?

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take a look here

And this is a example



$gui = GUICreate("PHD Example")

Until GUIGetMsg() = -3

; ===============================================================================================================================
; <_WinGetDesktopHandle.au3>
; Function to get the Windows' Desktop Handle.
; Since this is no longer a simple '[CLASS:Progman]' on Aero-enabled desktops, this method uses a slightly
; more involved method to find the correct Desktop Handle.
; Author: Ascend4nt, credits to Valik for pointing out the Parent->Child relationship: Desktop->'SHELLDLL_DefView'
; ===============================================================================================================================

Func _WinGetDesktopHandle()
Local $i,$hDeskWin,$hSHELLDLL_DefView,$hListView
; The traditional Windows Classname for the Desktop, not always so on newer O/S's
; Parent->Child relationship: Desktop->SHELLDLL_DefView
$hSHELLDLL_DefView=ControlGetHandle($hDeskWin,'','[CLASS:SHELLDLL_DefView; INSTANCE:1]')
; No luck with finding the Desktop and/or child?
If $hDeskWin='' Or $hSHELLDLL_DefView='' Then
; Look through a list of WorkerW windows - one will be the Desktop on Windows 7+ O/S's
For $i=1 To $aWinList[0][0]
$hSHELLDLL_DefView=ControlGetHandle($aWinList[$i][1],'','[CLASS:SHELLDLL_DefView; INSTANCE:1]')
If $hSHELLDLL_DefView<>'' Then
; Parent->Child relationship: Desktop->SHELDLL_DefView->SysListView32
$hListView=ControlGetHandle($hSHELLDLL_DefView,'','[CLASS:SysListView32; INSTANCE:1]')
If $hListView='' Then Return SetError(-1,0,'')
Return SetExtended($hListView,$hDeskWin)
Edited by PlayHD

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wow, thank you very much PlayHD

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