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Scan folders and subfolders and list files only

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I found here the following code.

In the array are listed all folders and files.

How to modify the code that the names of the subfolders are not listed.

The path of the file is fine, there the subfolder can be displayed.


Local $aRetArray
Local $path = "D:\tmp"
Local $sFindFile = "*"
Local $sRet

;$aRetArray = _FindPathName($path, $sFindFile)

$sRet = ""
$aRetArray = _FindPathName($path, $sFindFile)

; Funktion
Func _FindPathName($sPath, $sFindFile)
Local $sSubFolderPath, $iIndex, $aFolders, $search,$aFoldersSubs
$search = FileFindFirstFile($sPath & "\" & $sFindFile)
$aFolders = _FileListToArray($sPath, "*", 2)

While 1
$file = FileFindNextFile($search)
If @error Then
$sRet &= $sPath & "\" & $file & "|"


For $iIndex = 1 To $aFolders[0]
$sSubFolderPath = $sPath & "\" & $aFolders[$iIndex]
$aFoldersSubs = _FileListToArray($sSubFolderPath, "*", 2)
If IsArray($aFoldersSubs) Then _FindPathName($sSubFolderPath, $sFindFile)

Return StringSplit(StringTrimRight($sRet,1), "|")

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Here an alternate solution.

#include <file.au3>
#include <array.au3>

Func __FileListToArray($path)
Local $array[1]=[0], $tempfile = _TempFile()
RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c dir /S /B /A-D /ON " & $path & " > " & $tempfile, "", @SW_HIDE)
_FileReadToArray($tempfile, $array)
Return $array
EndFunc ;==>__FileListToArray

$myArray = __FileListToArray(@ScriptDir & "\*.exe " & @ScriptDir & "\*.au3 ")

App: Au3toCmd              UDF: _SingleScript()                             

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