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Detect motherboard slots, if not used.

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Is there a way to detect what slots on a motherboard are available. Right now I am I think I may have to resort to pulling the modelservicetage and then just searching for it, but I am hoping there is an easier way. I have polled through wmi-pnp what cards are in use.

The reason is, I have a lot of requests for get dual monitors due to an application change. Right now I am working in an environment with nonstandardized workstations, many of them virging on antique. I have some spare agp,pci,and pcie cards from decomishioned workstations that I would like to redistribute, but I now I will have to order some as well, but I don't want to order more than I need to and I want to order the right type.

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      By CaptainSparky
      So I was looking everywhere about getting an array's number of slots in use... and found nothing.
      Is this even possible? for example
      Global $array[5]
      $array[1] = "1 slot in use"
      $arrayslotsinuse = ArrayGetSlotsInUse($array)
      Thanks in advance
      ...I tried making a counter but didn't work so well.. (it crashed app)