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[Solved - RTFM] Unable to modify the loop control TO variable

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Good Evening,

Consider the following code

local $slen = 5

for $1 = 1 to $slen
    ConsoleWrite('Loop # ' & $1 & ' $slen = ' & $slen & @LF)
    if $1 = 2 then $slen += 2

The variable ($slen) gets incremented but the loop only runs 5 times, expected 7 times. Because the increment control variable can be modified I expected to be able to modify the loop exit variable. Can someone verify whether or not loop exit control can be modified?


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Yes, you can modified but this value it's read just one time, when the loop starts.

The For loop terminates when the value of variable exceeds the stop threshold. If stepVal or stop is a variable, its value is only read the first time the loop executes.

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