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Help with AdlibRegister / AdlibUnregister

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I got a question about "AdlibRegister" and "AdlibUnregister"

I made a little Backupscript, using robocopy.

It will backup 6 libraries

There are 6 _RunDOS Commands, processed one by one.


_RunDOS (robocopy blabla library1 blabla)
_RunDOS (robocopy blabla library2 blabla)

OK, so far...

Now the question: I'd like to Adlibregister a function, which should get the size of the destinationfolder every 10 seconds while the _RunDOS Commands are being processed.

I do it like this:

AdlibRegister("FUNCBLABLA", 10000)
_RunDOS (robocopy blabla library1 blabla)
_RunDOS (robocopy blabla library2 blabla)

$size = DirgetSize("UNCblabla")
GUICtrlSetData($blablalabel, $size)

OK, now...the destinationfolder is on a server, the sourcefolder(s) are local (what else....)

Sometimes, it works, sometimes it processes only 2 of the 6 _RunDOS Commands and the the script stands still...

why doesn't it work all the 6 steps EVERYTIME?....is it because of AdlibRegister?

Thanks for your help

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Thanks scrullion for your advice.

It's solved now.

The problem was that the 10 secs. were too short.

The Destinationfolder is - as mentioned - on a server.

At the beginning, there is no problem with getting the size.

But as soon as the dest. folder gets above 5 gig, the size is not calculated in between 10 secs. =)

so it just aborted the operation.

in the mainoffices, that would be OK as I guess.

But ATM i am @ a Branchoffice in another country...with a 30 Meg Link to the servers.... :P

Problem solved.

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