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Using @SW_HIDE with _Runexe() (run from memory)

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Hello all, I am using a command line tool inline with my program, and when it opens, it steals focus from my window and it can cause the user to accidently close the module by hitting a key when it pops open :/

So, I have actually tried to figure this otu myself using dllstructsetdata() with the startup info in the function

Local $tSTARTUPINFO = DllStructCreate("dword cbSize;" & _
"ptr Reserved;" & _
"ptr Desktop;" & _
"ptr Title;" & _
"dword X;" & _
"dword Y;" & _
"dword XSize;" & _
"dword YSize;" & _
"dword XCountChars;" & _
"dword YCountChars;" & _
"dword FillAttribute;" & _
"dword Flags;" & _
"word ShowWindow;" & _ ; <--- HERE
"word Reserved2;" & _
"ptr Reserved2;" & _
"ptr hStdInput;" & _
"ptr hStdOutput;" & _
"ptr hStdError")

With no sucess, it seems to have no effect, I tried setting it to just 0, sw_hide, int(sw_hide), nothing seemed to work, maybe I am missing something very simple?

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