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Some noob questions!

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Sorry if these seem really dumb, I havent used autoit in a while and my programming is a little rusty.

I have a script in mind that I want to try, and it is mainly going to require waters AD scripts. One of the first things that I need to do, is create a folder on a network drive as a different users. I am going to make a service account hard coded into the script that is used for some initial folder and file creation depending on the user that does this.

Is it possible to create a networked share as a different user? I feel like you might be able to do this with command prompt but I have no idea XD

Also on a similar note, can I add AD domain accounts as permissions on a network folder from another account? Once again I will use that service account I create in AD (which will have permissions on the root folder). Once the script creates the folder, it will then add the users account to the folder permissions list.

I hope this wasnt to confusing, but everyone here is always so helpful! Thanks for looking!


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Hi, ICANSEEYOU7687. The answer to both of your questions is yes, you can create a network share and add permission as your service account, as long as said service account has permissions to do so.

As an example, I dug up an old script I use to give Helpdesk folks for granting permissions on network folders. You should be able to tweak this to work with your service account:

$UID = InputBox("Grant Access", "Enter the user ID")
$dir = InputBox("Directory", "UNC path to parent directory")
$perm = InputBox("Level of Access", "Enter the level of Access: C(hange), F(ull control), R(ead only), W(rite)")

While 1
  $dir2 = FileSelectFolder("Choose a folder.", $dir, 1)
        RunWait( 'CACLS "' & $dir2 & '" /E /G ' & $UID & ':' & $perm, "", @SW_HIDE )
        $ok = MsgBox(4, "Complete", "Would you like to specify another directory?")
            If $ok = 7 Then ExitLoop

MsgBox(0, "Access Granted", "Access has been granted to the specified directories.")

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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