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I did search the forums for this, but all I could find is crap about key logging. I guess this could be considered a key logger but what I'm asking is if there is a function included in the APIs to return the last key that was pressed. I could make my own by using a boat load of "HotKeySet"s, but I'd rather use an API then have to write a messy function like that. This is for a application that's going to be hidden, and to do certain tasks they require a key combination. Like how in Windows you can press Ctrl Alt Del and get the task list, no matter what application you are running (minus Novell security apps and etc.). So I won't be having a GUI, I'll just have a defined set of keystrokes that will launch each task since its going to be a hidden running app. Yes, I know its not going to be completely hidden (via task list). Anyways, I couldn't find on in the Help file so I'm just asking if I missed something.

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