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English labels and programming

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I am writing a map parser in AutoIt.

I already wrote map parser in C++, but it lacks allot of gui features. Such as tilesize width and height. You see if your going to break a pixel perfect map bmp file into a world and tile array you need to specify the tile size. The C++ program just hard-coded the tile size and that was fine, when I was conceiving the tool back in 2004 and before I knew of AutoIt.

The AutoIt code to read each pixel of tile size and compare it to the tiles found array takes between 5 and 10 minutes (tilesize 16x16 map 124x124 tiles) the same map takes less then 2 seconds to parse with the old C++ program. So I modified the C++ program to read parameters from a file provided by the new AutoIt script.

This file created by AutoIt, read by C++, does it have a label? What do I call it? an instruction file, data file, parameter file?

I'm not too worried about the filename it'self, but what this type of file might be called.

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Map parser isn't for automating games, it's for recreating them.

It's not ready for release. (1 or 2 more weeks)

Id like it to have the ability to add tiles, remove tiles from world by replacing them with other tiles, and reorder tiles.

Also load worlds without parsing maps, etc.

Reordering tiles is necessary for doing wall checks and things without requiring to check a list.

The old map parser was able to make this game, unfortunately the most advanced version of the code was destroyed after a graphic files and engine change and far too much drinking. I would restart this game creation, but first I want a more sophisticated map parser.

The idea is I can take a 20 year old game, update it and completely change it while still bearing a strong resemblance to the original.

Does anybody have any names for a project like this? I'm not sure what to call it.

If you're into making older style games, do you think this is a good idea?

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