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Testing WMI functionality

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I'm getting a handle on WMI and how to query. One thing I'd like to do is know if the WMI on a remote PC is running, and if possible, if it's broken.

I tried one possible method of using "wmic os" to check it. But what I found was when I stopped the WMI process and ran "wmic os" on the local PC, it restarted the WMI service, then reported the data. No error messages or anything.

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As far as WMI service running, you can use something like this:

$objComputer = ObjGet("WinNT://<pcname>,computer")
$objComputer.Filter = 'Array("Service")'

For $aService In $objComputer
 If $aService.Name = "Wmi" Then MsgBox(0, "", $aService.Status)

For whether WMI is working correctly, once you try to query it, you'll receive an error if there is a problem.

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