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How to create a special format attribute in XML file

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I am still new to AutoIT. I have included _XMLDomWrapper.au3 in my script and tried using _XMLCreateAttrib and _XMLCreateChildWAttr methods.

I need to add the below attribute into the XML file after the "ip" attribute.


<displayFieldUUID name="task">A23ET45</displayFieldUUID>

XML File:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

- <configuration xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="mapping_schema.xsd">


<publisher name="ABCD" />


- <application CRUDOptions="IGNORE" name="Application">


- <searchField>

<displayFieldUUID name="ip">B405EFDB</displayFieldUUID>

<displayFieldUUID name="criticality">E94E9D77</displayFieldUUID>




I tried the following method but it gives error.

$strAttribName = "task"

$strAttribValue = "A23ET45"

_XMLCreateAttrib("//configuration/application/searchField/displayFieldUUID", $strAttribName, $strAttribValue)


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Here is an example:

$string = '<XML><Group name="Office1"><host><name>O1Pc1</name><ip></ip></host><host><name>O1Pc2</name><ip></ip></host></Group><Group name="Office2"><host><name>O2Pc1</name><ip></ip></host><host><name>O2Pc2</name><ip></ip></host></Group></XML>'
;$XML = @DesktopDir & "xml1.xml"
;$oXML.load($XML) ; load document
$oXML.loadxml($string) ; load document
ConsoleWrite ( $oXML.xml & @CRLF)
$iCounter = 1
$result = $oXML.selectNodes( '//Group' )

For $oNode In $result
$oNode.setattribute ("something", 'test' & $iCounter)
$iCounter += 1
ConsoleWrite ( $oXML.xml & @CRLF)

That creates an attribute, which you may then associate to a node object (cannot use xpath with .setattribute)

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