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How do I get the control ID of a omnibox so I can use it in coding

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I have a little bit of code that opens my browser (chrome), I want to enter a string into the

URL omnibox using ControlSend. Each time I launch the browser the control ID changes.

I need to find a way to fist get the control ID of the browser after it is opened and have the

id number be a value in a variable. Can some one tell me how to get the ID using autoit


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control id is not always required

This would even do the work

modify as per your needs

Opt ( 'WinTitleMatchMode', 2 )
;The previously ACTIVE window would be redirected to Google
ControlSend( 'Chrome', '', '[CLASS:Chrome_OmniboxView; INSTANCE:1]', '^a{DEL}http:\\www.google.com{ENTER}' )

Edit : please stick to one thread and wait for somebody to answer you

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