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Problems with @ComSpec, 'net user' and DriveMapAdd

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Can anyone tell me why this isn't working? I've included the debug code also.

#include <File.au3> ; Not necessary for the block in question, but the goal of the script is to create some directories and install programs.

;Set up Administrator account and map necessary Drive

$cmd = 'net user administrator /active:yes'
RunWait (@ComSpec &'/k' & $cmd) ; @error = 1, @extended = 2
$pwd = 'net user administrator password' @error = 1, @extended = 2
RunWait (@ComSpec &'/k' & '$pwd') ; @error = 1, @extended = 2
DriveMapAdd ('j:', '\\server\share', 'administrator', 'password') ; @error = 6, @extended = 0 <== ostensibly so since the administrator is never getting set on line 3.

I really appreciate your help!

Edit: Added #RequireAdmin - Same result.

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You forgot the space between the /k and the single quote.

  • RunWait (@ComSpec &'/k' & $cmd)
should be
  • RunWait (@ComSpec &'/k ' & $cmd)
You also need a space before the /K ;)

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